Volunteer Counselling Placements

We offer student placements for people who are undertaking training at diploma,degree, or masters level in counselling and psychotherapy. We will support you throughout your entire time with us, offering help and advice where you need it, and providing you with training and other information that you can apply to your professional and personal development. We already have students from a wide range of universities and colleges, some of which we are affiliated with, and have proudly s een many of our students develop into fully qualified practitioners through us.
As our placements will involve working one-to-one with children and vulnerable adults, we will ask that you undertake a Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS) Check before starting with us. This will be arranged after your interview.

To apply for a placement, please complete the Application Form and Email your CV to Please note we will need both your application and CV back before we can review your application.

All students will be required to commute to Hornchurch, Essex and must be able to work with under 18’s. We do not offer remote placements.

We Offer

Group Supervision

Attended once a month, group supervision offers a rich learning environment, helping you to learn from the experiences of other counsellors, as well as validating your own experiences with clients.

One To One Supervision

Guided by one of our experienced, qualified therapists, supervision is mandatory, and allows you to check in on your client work, and is a valuable sounding board for any concerns you have.

If you would like more information, or would like to join us for your placement or volunteer with us,
please complete the application form, and send it to us along with your CV to


In addition to giving you a place where you can learn and
develop, we also offer supervision, both in a group of 6, and one-to-one. This
is available to all, but comes at an affordable rate for those who are working
with us.

Group Supervision for You and Me Counselling
Trainees and Volunteers: £15 

Group Supervision for others not working/ volunteering/on
placement with You and Me Counselling, but would like to take part: £20 

One-to-One Supervision for You and Me Counselling Trainees
and Volunteers: £35

One-to-One Supervision for others not working with You and Me Counselling,
but would like to be supervised: £50 for 1 hour, or £70 for 1 hour 30 minutes.

What Our Past

Students Have Said

“The play therapy journal stating various play therapy techniques which was given upon starting the placement is a helpful tool which can be referred back to throughout the duration
of the placement and in future work.”

“The suggested reading list which was recently given is a useful and appreciated gesture to help further personal understanding of play therapy.” 

“I am always provided with supervision if and when needed.” 

“I am provided with a variety of clients, which in turn has deepened my learning and experience” 

“The agency works with you, ensuring your time is utilised wisely.” 

“I received encouragement and feedback from both staff and volunteers.”

“All of the staff here are approachable and friendly. I receive support in my role emotionally, and in terms of resources.” 

“The experience and knowledge that I have gained since volunteering with You and Me Counselling has offered me the opportunity to become a confident, experienced counsellor
where I am now in the position to offer future employers a diverse variety of counselling skills, ranging from children of all ages to adults, which is very rare to find in many placements,
and will help me stand out amongst other counselling applicants. The support I have received has always been
delivered promptly and efficiently from an excellent team of staff.”

“I would thoroughly recommend You and Me Counselling as an excellent placement opportunity for all trainee counsellors.  

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