YMC Stronger Together Referral Form

As part of this project, we are aiming to address behavioural, psychological and mental health issues through 1:1 counselling for the child/young person, and their family. There will then be the opportunity to bring together the young person and their family for family support.
Guidelines for completing this form:
o Please only refer the young person/family if they meet the following criteria:
o The child/young person must be between the ages of 9 and 18 as of the 1st
January 2020.
o The child must be suffering from behavioural/anger/classroom disruption
problems which could lead to violent behaviour and involvement in knife
o The child/young person must be living in Havering.
 If under 16, please inform the young person and their parent/carer of the referral
before referring

>I have read and understood the information given to me regarding the services You and Me Counselling will be providing me. I understand that if I have further enquiries, I can discuss them with the staff.
> I understand that while I / the young person named above is working with You and Me Counselling, I/they/we will be subject to the service’s code and conduct of behaviour and will be required to conform with the instructions and guidance of the service.
> I can confirm the child's parent/guardian has been informed of the referral.
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